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Hello all! My name is Marcus Mavakala.

Marcus Mavakala is a trained banker and former financial service licensed agent, who served as a premier banker at Chase Bank in the ealy 2000s.
He is also a former California Real Estate Lisensed Broker and Life insurance agent.

He currently serves as the CEO of multiple companies which, all have a mission to provide credit and debt consulting to elevate personal and business client’s financial confidence by equipping them with knoledge on ways to use credit and create wealth.


opcap]H[/dropcap]e also serves as a Life Coach and Financial Freedom Mentor and uses various video and social media platforms to give people the skills and inspiration they need to pursue financial freedom. Thousands of people benefit from his motivation to “make money in your sleep so you can do whatever you want when you want.”

He is the published author of The Corporate Credit Secrets Revealed and The Ultimate 13 Steps to Get Your Commercial Loan Approved. You can gain more access to his knowledge HERE.

He wanted to put his experience into the books “to demystify the small business finance process and help millions get the finance and credit they need to start and grow fast…”

My story:

My career began in my early twenties. I was moving up the ranks in corporate and became a manager. At my first manager’s meeting, I noticed that everyone drove to the meeting in a luxury vehicle. It was not hard to see new BMWs, Mercedes, Lexus, etc. There I was driving my mom’s Dodge Caravan. I immediately felt out of place. The other managers looked at me with pity. I told myself they were probably saying to themselves, “Look at this poor guy”. They were all seasoned managers, and I was the new guy. I was embarrassed.

The next weekend I went to the dealership expecting to buy a car. I didn’t want a caravan. I wanted luxury. I wanted a BMW. When it came time to look at my financing options, my credit was pulled. What came next shocked me. The guy looked at me and said, “You must be kidding me.” I asked, “What happened?” He started laughing uncontrollably and said, “You have the worst credit I’ve ever seen.” I was told I needed to fix my credit first before anyone would consider giving me a loan. My previous car, Toyota Rav4, was repossessed, and along with evictions, I thought my credit was beyond repairable. I was embarrassed beyond anything you could imagine.

So, there I was, a manager in corporate America. I went from making 40K a year to 120K but, I couldn’t finance a car. In my twenties, I vowed this would never be me again.

I was determined to learn everything I could about credit and how to fix mine. I stayed up late every night! I learned about banking and the American economic system. I discovered and committed myself to understand the fair credit reporting act and credit repair organization act.

A few months later, I bought my car and moved into a great apartment in an exclusive neighborhood. Everyone who knew me was surprised by my progress and, they started asking me about how I did it. After explaining, people started asking for advice on credit repair. I fixed the credit of my girlfriend’s entire family! As a result, they went on to own millions in real estate.

I left my corporate job to build a business for myself fixing credit. At night I sold life insurance door-to-door and fixed credit during the day. I started doing so well that one day, as I was depositing my checks at the bank, the manager asked me what I did for a living. After I told him, he hired me. I learned even more.

With the knowledge I had acquired from my credit research and working at the bank, I built my first company in 2005, AMG Mortgage, and Realty. I had 44 employees which, included a full sales team and 20 onsite telemarketers. It was a good business!

That year I made 1 Million Dollars in personal income. I bought my first home, a Mercedes Benz S 500, a Cadillac Escalade, and Audi 4 sport. You can say that I was living the high life. Then came the 2008 Financial crash. By that time, I had 7 homes and lost all of them, along with my business, my cars, and everything else that I owned at the time.

Then I discovered something which is what I teach people today. Call it “Financial Confidence and Resilience.” It is a combination of the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive financially in any economic situation. 

The Good news:

I made all my money back and then some.


  1. I’m aligned with GOD
  2. I’m married to the love of my life and, we are living the life of our dreams.
  3. We own and drive luxury cars that most only dream of owning.
  4. We are currently in escrow to buy our dream home.
  5. Our companies are growing exponentially

How did I do it?


What is it? The combination of skills and knowledge in sales, credit, business, real estate, marketing, and investments that guarantee you can survive and thrive in any economic situation. 

What does it give you the ability to do? Make money while you sleep and more importantly, have time to serve The Lord our God.

In this masterclass, I will teach you the fundamentals of credit repair and help you build financial confidence.